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Occupational health services are essential for maintaining the well-being of individuals within the workplace. The nature of these preventive and proactive measures is designed to protect employees from occupational hazards and ensure a healthy work environment. We offer access to various health screenings, risk assessments, and interventions to contribute to the early detection and management of work-related health issues for organizations and their employees.

There are regulated requirements to offer medical assessments and surveillance programs for certain industries. Additionally, pre-placement testing protocols based on bonafide job requirements can ensure that your new hires are fit to work and have the physical capacity to perform the job. Baseline medicals provides entry risk level assessments and data for measurement against the employee’s complete lifecycle with your organization.

These services support the health of workers, and result in bottom line impacts in reducing workplace injury and illness.

Pre-employment Programs

Pre-employment medical testing

During the hiring process, it’s important for employers to ensure that prospective employees are physically fit and capable of meeting the demands of their intended roles. Insight Health Solutions provides the required health testing based on bonafide job requirements which will identify any pre-existing medical conditions or potential risks to workplace health.

Pre-placement functional testing

Through pre-placement functional testing, we aim to help organizations make informed hiring decisions with the goal of aligning the skills and physical capabilities of employees with the demands of their roles. Our team can ensure tailored assessments to the specific job requirements to help employers confirm that candidates possess the necessary physical abilities to perform essential tasks safely and efficiently to avoid any workplace injuries.

Ongoing Medical Services

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services

Many organizations require drug and alcohol testing as part of their occupational health program. With the help of our partner testing locations across the country, we can help connect you with all alcohol and drug testing needs​.

Medical Surveillance Programs

Occupational health surveillance testing serves as a proactive strategy adopted by employers to monitor and protect the well-being of their workforce from occupational hazards. Insight Health Solutions has you covered when it comes to regular health assessments and screenings customized to the specific risks associated with various job roles. We can help you monitor the health status of employees exposed to occupational hazards in order to detect early signs of potential health issues, enabling prompt intervention and preventive measures.

Workplace Urgent Injury Nurse Triage

We understand the importance of having timely and accurate medical attention for employees who have sustained injuries on the job. Through our workplace urgent injury nurse triage program, we work with organizations to connect injured workers with experienced nurses who can assess injury severity and determine the appropriate level of care. This rapid and expert response helps organizations ensure effective workplace injury management for their employees.

On Site Health Pod

We offer a state of the art Health Pod for workplaces. This provides access to health testing and monitoring and connection with the physician or nurse for the management of ongoing concerns or as an adjunct to support remote workplaces.

Pre-Travel Medical Services

The increase in international business travel has put employees at a greater risk for illnesses found outside of Canada. Whether it’s medical assessments, vaccinations, or personalized health advice tailored to the specific health risks and requirements of another country, there are several factors that require attention prior to travel.
Insight Health Solution’s pre-travel consultation includes review of your employee’s immunization and health conditions as related to their business travel destination. Ongoing annual certification for frequent travelers is available with vaccination to required standards available.
Medical advice for travel allows your employees to stay informed about necessary precautions and ensure reduced health risks during business travel.

Immunization Programs

Some workplaces require immunization to protect against specific health risks of the workplace. Our physicians will review the requirements and customize a protocol of consultation and immunization to protect your employees and the organization’s risk.

Throughout the Influenza season, workplace flu programs provide effective protection for employees and reduce exposure risks at workplaces. A 2017 study showed that each case of influenza that resulted in hospitalization ended up costing the health care system between $14,000 and $20,000. With an estimated 12,000 influenza hospitalizations each year, the cost to the Canadian economy is between $168 and $240 million6.

Our nurses provide effective immunization programs at worksites which supports organizations in offering this effective health promotion program.

Medical Director Programs

Many large organizations benefit from a Medical Director to advise on aspects of workplace health, disability and accommodation. Insight Health Solution’s physicians can provide periodic consultation or have structured services weekly supporting your teams.
Support for mental wellness programs is provided by our Psychiatrists or Psychologists. Occupational Medicine Physicians are a key part of the team advising senior leadership and providing case support with Human Resources or Occupational Health and Safety teams.

Want to learn more about our Workplace Wellness services and solutions? We’d love to hear from you.

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