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First responders play a crucial role in safeguarding communities, often first on the scene and facing high-stress situations and exposure to trauma. These demands can impact the First Responder’s mental wellness both acutely and cumulatively over time. The mental wellness of first responders can directly impact their ability to fulfill their critical roles effectively.

A resilient and mentally healthy first responder is better equipped to make critical decisions, provide compassionate care, and effectively navigate high-stress situations. Recognizing the importance of first responder mental health is essential for fostering a supportive environment within emergency services. The teams at Insight Health Solutions, and our partners, provide evidence-based, trauma-informed services for all First Responders including paramedics, police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers and corrections officers.

At Insight Health Solutions, we support organizations and First Responders with high impact services focused on prevention, mental health awareness, access to counseling services, and effective assessments to support accommodation and return to work.  Our programming integrates with the organizational needs of the first responders’ workplaces. Insight Health Solutions augments services that the organization has available, at an arm’s length while protecting the employees’ privacy and anonymity.

First Responder Mental Wellness Services

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Return to work assessment and programming by psychologists and occupational therapists to quantify, support and progress work related duties Provided in consultative support to community treatment programs or to advise an employer on Fitness for Duty or Accommodation Requirements Preventative wellness consult with a psychologist or mental health clinician in a voluntary or mandatory program Standard and systematic approach to early identification and access to services post critical incidents. Supports employees and reduces time away post incident Evaluations by psychologists following designated protocols to advise on pre-hire fitness for duty Customized Education and Training for managers, leaders and employee teams around mental wellness, preventative care and substance use  Mental health evaluations and treatment with our clinician teams including psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists An innovative and evidence-based mental health stepped care model including intake triage, residential care and treatment and after care services tailored to First responders

Expedited Mental Health Program

We recognize that access to community providers can delay the start of support for First Responders when they need it. When a first responder is ready for support, we provide rapid access to clinicians to deliver assessment and ongoing treatment. We offer these expedited mental health assessments and treatments to ensure first responders are supported promptly in a time of need. All treatment providers have extensive experience working with first responders and undergo annual cultural competency training with Wounded Warriors Canada.

Employer Awareness Education and Training

To help organizations foster a proactive and informed workplace, we equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to the well-being of first responders and their organizations. We offer varied employer sessions focused on various topics which provide information and training to support managers and leaders working with employees. Our team can customize sessions for employees, which can include topics around health and wellness supporting and focused to first responders.  Sessions for managers detail higher level strategies and background on areas of training focus. Topics covered include identifying risk factors, supporting positive performance and behaviours in self and others.

Pre-employment Psychological Assessments

As a part of pre-hire testing, we conduct pre-employment psychological assessments through our expert clinicians. This involves a comprehensive standardized interview along with psychometric testing generating an outcome report to advise on the recommendation to proceed through the hiring procedures.

Post Critical Incident Report Program

The Post-Critical Incident Support Program provides first responders with a standardized and systematic approach to early identification and access to services post-critical incidents. This supports first responders post incident and reduces time away from work.  Our clinicians conduct safety reviews, mental health history reviews, analyze supports and resources, and review outcome measures, symptoms, and any changes to functioning since the critical incident. Our clinicians provide support resources each session and will make recommendations if necessary.

Mental Wellness Check Up

We offer preventative wellness consults with a psychologist or mental health clinician in a voluntary or mandatory program.  This helps First Responders have an opportunity for a confidential conversation and for the clinician to offer support or guidance for care with a proactive approach and timeframe.

Psychological and Psychiatric Assessment

Our psychologists and psychiatrists can help gain insights into the mental and emotional well-being of first responders. Psychological and psychiatric assessments are important in providing a comprehensive understanding of a person’s strengths, challenges, and overall mental health. In the workforce, especially for first responders who attend critical scenes, this is crucial in helping to tailor support and accommodations to meet their unique needs which helps to foster employee wellbeing across the company.

Functional Return to Work Program

Our interdisciplinary teams conduct return to work assessment and programming. This includes psychologists and occupational therapists who specialize in return-to-work support. Our services can integrate with the current processes of organizations’ return to work teams with Insight Health Solution’s clinicians quantifying, supporting and progressing graduated and transitional work return programs.

WSIB First Responder Mental Health Pilot Program

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) First Responder Mental Health Pilot Specialty Program is an interdisciplinary program based on a stepped model of care, designed to provide effective and evidence-based care to Ontario’s First Responders. The program is offered through Insight Health Solutions as well as our partner locations.

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